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About me

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Hi, I am Fieke Sluijs


I like to avoid the obvious,

I like to defend the underdog,

I like impossible ideas,

I like colors and perfect designed fonts,

I like questions more than answers.

I am an independent designer with 25 years of experience in graphic design. Grafieke is my graphic design alias. I focus on logo and brand design. Recent clients are Utrecht University, The Fork and Wasteland Investments. The past ten years I have also been working as a learning experience designer and trainer for Competence Factory and Team Academy.

I am a creative thinker. To develop creative concepts is my passion. I quickly understand abstract concepts, I easily organize information and I make complex matters clear through visualization. As a design thinker I work intuitively, not systematically. I am open to the world, which is the engine of my inspiration. I am sporty, passionate and independent, With enough freedom I achieve the best results. But I am also social, I empathize and make contacts easily. That's why I'm able to inspire, motivate and train others.

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