Design Thinking is a mindset and a method to achieve better solutions. As a designer I approach problems in a different way than others who deal with big or small challenges like researchers, managers or politicians. The good news is that you don't have to be a designer to apply the method and use the instruments of Design Thinking. What I do instinctively appears to be something that can be structured into steps towards a more creative outcome. Using creative methods and instruments you can too develop creative concepts. And you can apply the tools a designer uses to create and refine prototypes. The hardest part actually is the 'thinking,' to let go of your preferable thinking habits to create space to think different. That takes guts and a lot of practice.

Design Thinking is especially helpful when there are multiple stakeholders involved with different backgrounds and personal agenda's. Co-creation and co-design are fundamental to Design Thinking. 

At Competence Factory I train participants to apply design thinking method and tools. If you would like to know more about these trainings, please visit the website of Competence Factory.

In coproduction with Kelvin Klatt from School for Management Innovation I developed a training in which participants learn how to apply design thinking to organizational challenges.

I can also be hired as a Design Thinking Facilitator to guide teams in processes in which Design Thinking might help to force creative breakthroughs and I can deliver customized trainings. Please contact me for more information about Design Thinking Facilitation & Consult.

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