© 2020 Fieke Sluijs

I start developing educational programs from the viewpoint of a learning experience. If professionally designed, the more intens the experience, the more participants learn. I prefer to work in a team of creative professionals to design meaningful learning experiences. I like to combine my talent for visualization, my experience with learning processes and my understanding of creating meaningful experiences. Learning Experience Design is the synthesis of three professional fields of work that I love:

  1. Graphic Design; 

  2. Education; 

  3. Imagineering (creating meaningful experiences).

​At the moment I am occupied designing learning experiences for the Digital Art School at the Competence Factory and for the School of Management Innovation (SMI)For several clients like the Living Lab of Inholland and the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (ACIN) I already finished projects as a designer.

I also participated in a global network of educational change makers called The MovemakersIn two years we took part in a learning journey through Europe to meet other educators, investigate innovative educational programs and to develop a vision on the future of education. This resulted in a documentary and two books were published.